Personal Protective Equipment Services

Ocean PPE Personal Protective Equipment services

Our primary function is to ensure that crews enjoy a trouble and hassle free transition to and from wherever their working day is taking them.  In an ideal world this means staff or crew arriving at their embarkation point with the right PPE each and every time, but even with the best will in the world this can be difficult to achieve.  The worst scenario would involve an access denial to a given area resulting in an individual not making the allotted transfer to their vessel.  This leads to delays causing problems with handovers, planning and in some cases, depending on the type of vessel, operational delays the cost of which can be very serious indeed.

Our crew information database helps us to keep on top of the whereabouts of crew at all times so pre-empting potential problems enabling us tackle them before they occur.

So, our service is simple to describe but takes experience and dedication to achieve.  Alongside the management described above we also provide servicing for any PPE items (outside our own stocks)  in order to make sure they are compliant and up to date, all part of the overall management service.

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